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Campsite on the banks of the Eygues river in Nyons

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Our campsite is bordered by the Eygues river, which has a lovely private beach for you to enjoy in peace and quiet.

It offers a unique experience of relaxation and communion with nature.

Here, time passes peacefully, lulled by the gentle murmur of water and birdsong.

Direct access to the river that borders the campsite in the Drôme region

Nestled in a natural setting, our campsite offers not only a haven of peace, but also direct access to unrivalled riverside relaxation. With two separate entrances , you have the freedom to choose your own little corner of paradise where you can indulge in relaxation or refreshing activities.

You can stroll along the white pebbles of the private beach, along the river under the Drôme sun. Then sit back and read a book in the shared library, or simply close your eyes and let yourself be lulled by the soothing sounds of nature.

Take advantage of this serene setting to share a picnic on the welcoming banks of the river. Bring your own basket of local delicacies and sit back on your own private pebble beach. There, surrounded by your loved ones, you’ll share a meal in an idyllic setting.

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A refreshing swim in the Drôme

For those who prefer action to relaxation, don’t hesitate to take a dip in the cool waters of the Eygues river. Let yourself be carried away by the gentle current and feel the purity of the surrounding nature. Each swim is an invitation to relax, let go and reconnect with yourself. Take advantage of these precious moments to recharge your batteries and live every moment to the full.

Whether you’re an adventurer eager to explore every nook and cranny of the river or long for moments of peace and quiet, you can create the experience that’s right for you. You can also take advantage of the campsite’s heated swimming pool to swim laps or simply enjoy a refreshing dip.

Join us and discover the discreet charm of riverside living, where every day offers a new adventure or a new moment of serenity.

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What do our customers think of the pool?
Valérie C

Campsite to be recommended. Shady pitches, calm, warm welcome. The river is a real plus. Clean washrooms. Nyons is within easy walking distance. Ideal place for a relaxing vacation. We’ll be back. Thank you.

Victioria V

Quiet, well-situated campsite with large pitches. Possible shade. The river right next to the campsite with 2 direct accesses.

Lorene B

Very good welcome and spacious, well-defined pitch. The river is great fun, but the pisicine can be a little chilly! During the covid period, hygiene is impeccable and the owner has limited the number of campers.

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